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We thank the National Park of Tzoumerka, Acheloos Valley, Agrafa and Meteora tzoumerka-park.gr

Pramanta - Top Strogoula (Tzoumerka) -Agnanda

Altitude gradation: 1250m.-2112m. Travel time: 6 hours Degree of difficulty: High

Beekeepers - Diaselo Stavrou - Top Rouista

Altitude gradation: 875m.-1910m.-2080m. Travel time: 4 hours Degree of difficulty: High

Matsouki - Vyliza Monastery - Kalarrytes

Altitude gradation: 1000m.-760m.-1100m. Travel time: 3.30 hours Degree of difficulty: Moderate

Kalarrytes - Chrousia Gorge - Syrrako

Altitude gradient: 1200m.-900m.-1100m. Travel time: 1.30 hours Degree of difficulty: Low

Elliniko - Arachthos River (Lysia bridge) - Chouliarades

Altitude gradient: 750m.-350m.-1000m. Travel time: 4 hours Degree of difficulty: Moderate

Theodoriana - Souda Waterfalls

Altitude gradient: 922m.-1108m. Travel time: 1 hours Degree of difficulty: Moderate

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Kalentzi - Klifki Springs - Arachthos River

Altitude gradation: 650m.-300m. Travel time: 1 hour The trail starts from Hotel Rodami at the village Kalentzi and goes down to the springs of Klifki. The distance from Kalentzi to the Springs and back is approximately 4,2Km and can be done on foot. A vehicle can be driven up to the point where the incline of the trail becomes steeper, and can be parked there, (39°29'45.43" , 21° 0'20.79"). Length of the Trail: 4.2 Km Duration of Trail with return (including a vehicle): 1h 45’ Duration of Trail with return (no vehicle): 3h 30’ Altitude: Kalentzi 590m – Springs of Klifki 300m Type of Route: On & Off Road (on road is cement) Degree of difficulty: Easy Recommended Time of Visit: All Year Round

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Melissouroi Shelter - Kefalovryso Waterfall

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