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Authenticity, tradition and genuineness are the key features that the visitor of the region perceives!

Pindus is a complex of mountains, mountain ranges, ravines and gorges. Tzoumerka is probably its most impressive mountain range. Tzoumerka or Athamanika mountains, surrounded by the rivers Arachtos, Aspropotamos (Acheloos) and their countless tributaries stand out for the wild beauty of their landscapes and the abundance of water. There, the visitor has the chance to enjoy the beauty of the nature and to get to know the locals and their traditions.

Authenticity, tradition and genuineness are the key features that the visitor of the region perceives. The traces of history at this marvelous place lead back to the mists of time, alluring the visitor to search and discover all of its aspects.

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MUSEUMS - Monasteries - Bridges - Natural Beauties - Watermills


At the village of Elliniko you can visit the museum of Contemporary Art "Theodoros Papagiannis" . It is housed in the premises of [...]

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Churches – Monasteries

At Tzoumerka, one has the opportunity to visit many stone-built monasteries of various architectural styles and rhythms, with their wood carved iconostasis and particularly [...]

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At Tzoumerka, where the water and the rivers are abundant, one has the chance to visit and traverse many stone bridges. These edifices, beside their [...]

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Anemotrypa Cave

The history of the cave dates back to 1960. The president of the community, on the occasion of the late speleologist’s Anna [...]

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Natural Beauties

The cycle of seasons at Tzoumerka follows its own calm rhythms. Words such as awe and admiration are not enough to describe the [...]

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The watermill is one of the most ancient machines used by humans thousands of years ago. It marks a milestone in the history of [...]

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